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If You're In A Long Distance Relationship You Are An IDIOT - KFC Radio

Big debate on KFC Radio this week because my 2 cohosts are a couple of dummies. The topic was long distances relationships and – somehow, someway – Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum tell me that they are the best type of relationship. Are these two people fucking crazy?? Long Distance relationships are the single most childish, ridiculous way to live.

Now, let me clarify that I’m talking about remaining in a faithful, monogamous relationship. Yea, obviously if you’re just fucking whoever you want while your chick is a billion miles away, who cares. But if you’re trying to actually maintain an legitimate relationship and you dont live in the same place you’re an idiot. Its for children who go away to separate schools and think they are in love and shit. You end up restricting yourself socially and sexually for a person that you dont actually ever see or hang out with. You hardly get to bang them, you dont get any of the perks or benefits of a relationship, but you still deal with all the fucking nonsense. Getting in fights and dealing with all the irrational shit your girl throws your way. Its all of the bad and none of the good. Completely fucking nuts to think that its the other way around.

Bottom line is if you’re ever out and you meet a hot chick who wants to fuck you or hang out and date and you’re like “No, I’m sorry I cant. I’d really like to but theres this person who permanently lives hundreds of miles away that I dont even see or hang out with thats preventing me from living my life and enjoying/experiencing people that I can actually see in person via some made up invisible bond.” What a fucking terrible idea that is. Sorry, I cant have sex or have fun with you I gotta go home and text this person who lives in a different city. You’re just cutting your own dick and life off if you do that. Plain and simple, you have to be able to physically see someone to date them and if you cant, (and you’re not like married or have kids AKA stuck with that person) you should dump them.

Thankfully most people on the internet have brains and agree:

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