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If You're A New KFC Radio Listener, Feitelberg's Christmas Story On Today's Podcast Is A Must Listen

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John Feitelberg is a psychology experiment gone bad. He’s like the Jason Bourne of weird sexual and social habits. I used to think the government created him in a basement at the Pentagon and then he escaped into the wild.

And then I heard this story about the way he spent his Christmas when he was 8 years old. If you’re an OG KFC Radio listener, you’ve heard this tale before. But we dove into it, in depth today for all the new listeners we’ve gained since the relaunch. Its absolutely the single sole reason why Feitelberg is the fucked up science experiment he is. He’s so broken he doesnt even think its a big deal or a sad story. Meanwhile the rest of the world listens to him explain how he spent Christmas as an EIGHT YEAR OLD in the hospital and its fucking waterworks. Asa legitimately started crying actual tears of sadness:

We also played a round of “Asa Thinks,” “I’m right, you’re wrong” and a brand new segment called “Feitelberg Got Drunk Alone and Emailed Himself All His Weird Thoughts.” Again, the story explains why these ideas run through his brain.

Find out the inner workings of the brains of the KFC Radio gang on todays episode. Plug in juice up!