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Podfathers This Week Is About Children Shows That Make You Wanna Die

Being a dad is actually good. Being a dad who has to listen to the same children show theme songs over and over and over is actually bad. This week on Podfather’s, the elder dads on the show (suck it, Clancy) talk about the shows that make us wanna die.

Clem has an outrageous idea that Elmo was some back alley bitch during our time as kids during the 80s. Clem is fucking wrong. What we can all agree on is that Elmo Celebrity Lullabies are absolutely electric. Also, my Elmo impression is being renownedly touted as a top-tier impression. You’ll have to hear for yourself, but it is very good.

KFC talks about the process of buying a house and that no matter what house you are in, you are ready for the next one.

The fellas also insinuated that I’m a poor for liking WCW more than WWF growing up. If you don’t like pink-robed Ric Flair, you have an enormous northeasterly dump in your pants.

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