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KFC Radio - Candles And Cannibals

A jam packed episode from the Fearsome Foursome on KFC Radio. I’m officially a home owner, brand new installments of One Minute Man and our new feature He Said, She Said. And we revisit more cannibal talk and discuss our favorite true Urban Legends.

But the highlight of todays episode and (one of the funnier segments I’ve ever done) was Asa explaining her candle making endeavor. The best part of the new KFC Radio squad is having a girl on the team to not only bring the female point of view, but also for me and Feits and B Clance to make fun of when they do ridiculous shit. And I promise you, Asa Akira thinking she could become a candle maker (a chandler, as I learned) is hands down one of the most impulsive female moves of all time. 1 porn star trying to make, pour, package and ship FIVE THOUSAND candles. 1,000 pounds of wax. 10,000 matches.

And the craziest part is shes actually making money doing it. Plug in, juice up. Recording a voicemails episode tomorrow for a Friday release.