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Podfathers Episode 8 - Sick Kids and Sucking Snot

The 2 worst things in this world:

2) Parenting Hungover

1) Dealing with sick kids.

Sick kids are the FUCKING WORST. Yea, it sucks for them. They dont feel well and they dont know what is going on and YADA YADA YADA. What about me? What about me who’s gotta suck the snot out of your nose? What about me who’s gotta change all the diarrhea diapers? What about me who’s gotta stay up all hours of the night with you? You dont work. You dont do anything. You can just sit there and be sick. I gotta take care of you, and then catch whatever you have. All while putting food on the table.

For real, there is nothing worse than when your kids are sick. Everyone gets sick and everyone is puking. Nobody is sleeping. You and your wife are at each other’s throats and your kid is so miserable. Its one of those things when you’re in the thick of it, you actually think to yourself “There’s no way that life can get any worse than this.”

Today the Podfathers talk about shots, sickness, and the tricks of how to survive stomach bugs and fevers.