KFC Radio featuring A Full Look At The Life Of Dan Katz aka Big Cat

Every now and then its good to remember that the bloggers you read, the podcasters you listen to and the stars of the videos that you watch are still just guys who dont really know what they’re doing, just kinda snaking their way through life. I’m pretty open about that on all my podcasts. Thats what Mailtime and the Snake Life is all about. I always tell you guys that I’m just living day to day hoping this all continues so that I dont have to go back to the Cube.

But Dan doesnt have the same outlet as I do. PMT is a very structured and specific show, the Rundown is the Dave Portnoy Hour, and KFC Radio is all about pooping in trash cans and being ridiculous. So all of these current shows and formats are all where Big Cat excels. But you dont get to hear from Dan Katz as much.

And so as a final book end of KFC Radio 1.0, before version 2.0 with Asa and Feits kicks off next week, I sat down with Dan. We did a full hour long convo where you get to hear about the other side of him. I’m pretty much an open book (to a fault) and Dan has always played it closer to the vest. In this 60 minutes you get to understand where his head is at, particularly after the meteoric rise of PMT. Everything from where he grew up to what his biggest fear is to some behind the scenes info about a rift between the KFC Radio guys, its a full discussion about Dan Katz’s life from when he was a kid until now.

PS – There will still be plenty of Dan-KFC content coming your way, but as our careers kind of divert a little bit after today, lets just be thankful for the 2 greatest pieces of content to come out of our relationship:

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Dan Chasing Stella Vine