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How The F Do You Name Your Kids? - The Podfathers

Naming your kid. Its like naming your fantasy team times a billion. Its like naming your dog except you cant just fall back on some goofy name that makes you laugh. You gotta think how that name plays out when they are 1, 21, or 51. How it works at school, how it works during job interviews, how it works in every walk of life. And most importantly, if you’re having a girl, you gotta come up with a name that doesnt remind your wife of a slutty chick she knew in High School

Today’s episode of the Podfathers walks you through the naming process as well as all the other disagreements you might have early on with your wife. Breast milk vs formula, the Cry It Out Method – is it smart or are you an asshole? Early on theres a thousand decisions and there really isnt a “right” answer to any of them. As always, the correct choice is the one that makes the women happy.

Special Feature at the very very end of today’s episode – Snoozy Suzie, a KFC Original Lullaby that I sung to Shea for the first 8 months using all the nicknames I gave her. Dont be surprised when its my second hit that ends up on Spotify.