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Podfathers Episode 3: Delivery Day

My wife is 100 months pregnant. Shes about to push a human that is WAY TOO BIG out of her body. The epidural hasnt arrived yet. I am a Podfather, and today is the longest day of my life.


Well this is the one. DAD EARS ONLY. You cannot listen to this episode if you havent gone through it. The future of the human race depends on it. Because if you havent yet had kids, and you listen to this, you never will have them. And then procreation stops. And then humanity ceases to exist. Because if you havent gone through the ripping and snipping you absolutely will not after listening to this.

The big debate in today’s episode was whether you stay #AboveTheWall or #BelowTheWall. Meaning, do you stay above the hospital gown/curtain and not look, or do you go below and watch your kid come out of the tunnel. I have never, ever, EVER EVER EVER been as adamant about something as I am about staying Above The Wall. Some things you cant unsee. I dont want to see it and my wife didnt want me to see it. I’m Jon Snow and the Knights Watch, baby. Stay North of the Wall. One of the other guys on the show is fucking CRAZY was Team Below The Wall. Place your bets, who was it?

Also shout out to Super Producer BC on the production of today’s episode. Name another parenting podcast where Get Low by Lil Jon and the Yin Yang Twins gets dropped in there. You cant.

PS – Next week we’re doing the first ever Podfathers Mailbox. Asking questions and sharing horror stories. KFC Radio dot com slash ask dad. Remember the URL. Submit your questions and stories every time your kid does something thats podcast worthy.