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Podfathers Episode 2: Nine and a Half Months

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Last week we premiered the Podfathers. Episode 1 was all about finding out you’re gonna be a dad. And so naturally next up on the list is going through the whole pregnancy. I dont get it. I dont understand the science behind it. I dont understand the logistics of it. Its some science fiction, extra terrestrial shit. What happens to your girl’s body and brain and shit makes no fucking sense. And while they have to endure the serious, SERIOUS brunt of it all by carrying a human inside of them, its no walk in the park for dads either. Living with a pregnant woman is like living with an angry hornets nest. Trying to navigate those 10 months is like Indiana Jones trying to make it through the temple in The Last Crusade. Its nothing but booby traps and pitfalls and if you make one wrong move, your had is being sliced off by a saw or the ground falls out from under your feet. One wrong choice and your wife might actually suck your soul from your body.

And so this week Chaps and Clem and I share our secrets on how we survived. Chaps may be the veteran on this panel but we’ve all done a tour of duty. Listen up this week so that you dont make the same mistakes we did, and take note of the main Golden Rules so that we can all get through it together.

Girls – tune in so you can get super fucking angry about how much harder it is to be a woman going through pregnancy and you can curse us out and say how stupid we are and how we couldnt ever possibly do what you do.