Mailtime Featuring Uncle Chaps And Manish Mehta

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A little double dip edition of Mailtime this week. Uncle Chaps was in town and blacked out in front of thousands of people on the internet so we had to have him on the show. And Manish Mehta, notorious beat reporter for the Jets for the Daily News, had egg all over his face for one of his latest columns about the Jets and the Pats, so we need to have him come through as well.

Chaps talks about his night getting blacked during the debate and what the backlash was from the Missus:

We discuss our new upcoming show together, The Podfathers. He talks about the early success of Zero Blog Thirty with @CaptainCons, and we touch upon what its like being a Purple Heart veteran of war. Real interesting stuff from a real interesting guy.

The second half of the show is Manish Mehta. If you’re a Jets fans, and perhaps a decent chunk of Pats fans, you know Manish. Hes the Jets beat reporter for the Daily News. And for the past 4 or 5 years now he’s really been making a name for himself by writing some critical pieces, some controversial pieces, and just overall some pretty dramatic reporting. There’s been a lot of controversy between the fan base and Manish with his use of “unnamed sources,” and any time there’s an inflammatory article about the Jets circulating, you can bet your bottom dollar that its Manish who is stirring the pot. So I basically had him on the show to explain that Jets fans hate him and if he’s OK with his reputation on the internet. We talk about the definition of “troll” and “hot take” and discuss how covering a team and sports media in general works in the year 2016.

I wanna thank Manish for manning up and coming on the show. He knew what he was getting into. He knew I’m not his biggest fan. And he called in anyway to discuss all the issues. Took some lumps but threw some punches right back.