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Perhaps The Single Most Important Piece Of Cubical Advice Ever Given On Mailtime Today

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In 2013, Super Producer BC and I laid out a list of 14 points – the Cube Commandments.

And after a 7 year hiatus from office life, I’m back. Rising like a Phoenix from Arizona! In his triumphant return to the show, Clancy 2 is my 2016 cube Sherpa, guiding me through the changes that have arisen in my absence. I also asked for any help from the fellow cube monkeys in updating this Holy Grail of Lonesome Laziness and so @TheBallIsOrange hit me with one of the most valuable office tricks I have ever heard. Add it to the original list to make it an even 15 on how to survive life at work. Only hint I’ll give is that it involves the Tennessee Titans.

Its a tactic that never even crossed my mind and it is downright revolutionary

In One Minute Man we discuss aliens and whether they really “crashed” on earth. The Mets, TV, and the new MacGuyver. In Daily Mail we discuss how Hillary is dying because she hates water, and we pay homage to a Mailtime Man of the Year – a doctor who ran a sperm bank and ran out of sperm so he used his own cum. LEGEND.

Plug in, juice up. Its Mailtime, old school style.