Mailtime: Back To The Cubes


WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!! Yup thats right, your boy KFC somehow pinned himself into a corner again and will be returning to cube life. We popped the cherry of MY podcasting studio by having Feitelberg on Mailtime to discuss the Kanye show that started our first controversy in the new office, the Bad Boy Reunion Tour, what its like working in the same office as Dave Portnoy, how Feits is dealing with transitioning to the cubes for the first time, and how Cube Chronicles may return to the blog.

I am also looking for a name for MY podcasting studio, so hit me up on Twitter @KFCBarstool with your best ideas and include the hashtag #MailtimeStudio. And make sure to follow the Barstool Snapchat (username: barstoolsports) to check out videos of the still very much under construction Barstool HQ. Its Mailtime the laziest hour of your our day.