KFC Radio Episode 183 - End Of An Era

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This is (supposedly) the end of an era for KFC Radio. Episode 183 is (allegedly) the final episode we’re ever going to do over Skype. We will (probably) be in the office starting next week (probably not) and so from here on out every episode will (maybe) be done in person.

Today we discussed dating a girl in college strictly because she works at the local pizza place and hooks you and your friends up with free pizza. We talked to a couple girls today – 1 has a boyfriend who cant stop talking about Barstool Sports, the other talking about how girls share a stall when they go to the bathroom. What would Tim Tebow do if he got a full season of ABs in the Major Leagues? Does Larry David get pussy? Lions vs Wolves, sand vs leaves, and Danny Content vs Morning Hank. Jam packed episode. An hour+ to take you into Labor Day weekend.

Just wanted to thank all the KFC Radio listeners who have stuck with this show. I know it hasnt always been the easiest. Audio quality has made it difficult to listen to this show and a lot of people listened despite all the technical shortcomings and allowed this show to grow to where its at. 4+ years of poor sound is a long time and you all put up with it. I’ve always kind of been a Barstool guinea pig in the sense that I’ll just throw myself into whatever the next phase of content is going to be. And while that allowed me to get into the podcast game a lot earlier than a lot of other websites, it also meant a lot of trial and error. It meant a lot of growing pains. There was some bad episodes in there. There was a learning curve. The format changed, the technology changed, and as the Barstool roster grew, the panel of hosts changed as well. But the one thing that always stayed the same was three guys giving you completely honest answers. Completely unfiltered content. Telling embarrassing stories, incriminating stories and inappropriate stories all in the name of making listeners laugh and making them realize that they werent alone in a lot of the wild and weird shit that they’ve done or said. KFC Radio began as ridiculous videos about preposterous hypotheticals and debates and now its morphed into an actual podcast with three dudes discussing life in general.Its a show I’ve recorded at like 4 or 5 different apartments (including a stint from my parents house before I moved in with the wife) and during the time I recorded it I found a wife, got married, and had a kid. Its a show where we saw the birth of Big Cat’s mustache and a lot of his blogger persona as the King of Irrational Confidence. Its a show where we’ve seen Feits go from like a 23 year old idiot to a 27 year old…idiot, and heard some of the most outrageous stories told on the internet. KFC Radio is still that wacky weird show with the bizarre and unrealistic questions at times, but its grown into a real show that guys, girls, old, young, whatever can all appreciate. But it would have never had the chance to morph into that show if people didnt stick with it through all the bad Skype connections and choppy sound quality, so thank you.

This show should skyrocket and get exponential better once we’re all in the same place at the same time and can utilized real equipment and a studio. We can work in guests, run segments and bits, do live calls sometimes instead of all pre recorded messages. The show will be that much better for the next 200 eps.