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Mailtime Featuring Asa Akira

No big deal but I’m pretty sure Asa Akira and I just fell completely in love. I mean when someone says youre funny like a fat person but way better looking than they expected, that pretty much means they are 100% attracted to you.

Chemistry coming out of both our asses.

Find out who Asa Akira would rather have sex with – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, how much she charged for 1 night of sex, whats the equivalent of a Steph Curry game for a porn star, whats the sports equivalent of getting your own Fleshlight, and whats the most outrageous thing a creepy porn fan has ever purchased for her.

Its an 80 minute interview. Asa was great. Very funny, very clever, very witty. I’m sure most people have a porn star stereotype in mind but I promise you, Asa is anything but that. A very funny and interesting interview with a girl you all know very well…plug in, juice up.

You can follow Asa on twitter @AsaAkira, and you can buy either of her books – Dirty Thirty and Insatiable – on Amazon.