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Mailtime featuring Sydney Esiason


It’s the Girl Power edition of Mailtime this week with a lotta chicks making waves. Syd the Kid and I discuss Erika being hired, Kim K being a mastermind, Taylor Swift being a psychopath, Melenia Trump being a smokestack in WAY over her head, and more. But the most interesting part of our conversation was discussing WAG life. As (former) First Lady of the Islanders Syd sheds light on the sorority life that is being a wife/girlfriend of a pro athlete. The way different leagues handle WAGs, which girls run the show, and the hierarchy within the club. Fascinating stuff.

We also talk about Matty Martin and the new look he has to sport in Toronto, NY hockey, the first time Boomer met Matt, and much more talk about how the Esiason household operated.

Plus a little recap of my experience at a Justin Bieber concert as a 31 year old father. Some sobering stuff.

It’s Mailtime, plug in juice up.

PS – Give Sydney a follow on Twitter for hockey tweets and pictures of her Rottweiler Jax. And her fiiiirre avi. @SydneyEsiason