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How Many Eagles Could You Kill? - KFC Radio Episode 173


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Heres the situation – an endless stream of eagles are attacking. Not all at once. This isnt an eagle ambush. There are rules of engagement. Its not like you’re fighting these eagles in Vietnam. Lets not be ridiculous.

Said eagles attack you one at a time. How many eagles could you fend off and kill before succumbing to the eagle attack? I said zero. I think an eagle with a bad attitude and a chip on his shoulder purposely trying to attack and kill me would absolutely take me out. Eagles can fly 90 MPH and they have big nasty beaks and talons. I think before I knew the fight even started my eyes would be clawed out and I’d be bleeding out.

Feits said he would kill zero eagles because he’s an American and killing eagles is for terrorists.

And Big Said he could kill INFINITY eagles with 2 minor adjustments. I’ll let you listen to find out the 2 things Big Cat thinks he needs to become a prolific eagle murderer.