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The College Football Hall Of Fame Is An Absolute Joke

The 2024 College Football Hall of Fame ballot just dropped and the list will shock you. Not because it’s bad, because of how many elite players that have been eligible that aren’t already in the Hall of Fame! I could  build a Super Bowl winning roster two times over with how many good players are on this damn list. Heisman trophy winners, future NFL hall of famers, Super Bowl champions but above all else, ALL TIME GREAT CFB PLAYERS. Guys like:

Michael Vick

Mark Ingram

Sean Taylor

Manti Te’o 

Marshawn Lynch

DeSean Jackson

Takeo Spikes 

Richard Seymour 

Kellen Moore

Montee Ball 

Kenjon Barner 

Dallas Clark 

Ken Dorsey 

Alan Faneca 

Graham Harrell 

Marvin Harrison 

Sebastian Janikowski 

James Laurinitis 

Ryan Leaf

Haloti Ngata 

Antwan Randle El 

Simeon Rice 

Steve Slaton 

Peter Warrick 

Eric Weddle 

And that’s just some of them. Absolutely outrageous. They only allow 12 players/coaches to be inducted in the CFB Hall of Fame each year. Why? There’s over 100 teams with basically 100 man rosters. It’s a different game. Treat it that way. Every guy I listed above and more should 100% be in the CFB Hall of Fame. We talked about that and more on this week’s episode of Unnecessary Roughness.

This week in the College Football world we talked:

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-CFB 2024 Hall of Fame Ballot (and what a joke the selection process is)

-Is SEC Commissioner Sankey the perfect guy to take over college football?

-Can Notre Dame go undefeated?