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Coach Rick Pitino In Studio, Duke Is Back To Being The Worst, Russ Wilson To The Steelers, Mac Jones Cut And More

Duke is back to being the worst after Jon Scheyer apologized to fans as they threw shit at UNC. We talk College Basketball regular season finale, Kentucky being dangerous, and white boys having their moment. NFL Free Agency has begun and Mac Jones has been sent to Florida. Russ Wilson signs with the Steelers and more. We talk some UFC 299 and who's back of the week. St John's Coach Rick Pitino joins the show to talk about his career, basketball philosophy, the stalker who has texted Big Cat for 7 years and whether or not we can keep making jokes. We finish up with some show schedule announcements on the upcoming 2 weeks and Hank's number 8 Patriot and his moment in the sun in the Dynasty documentary. 

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