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Fuck, Marry, Kill- Destiny's Child at a NASCAR race

This week on Rubbin' Is Racing, I was all set to have an interview with a young driver named Rajah Caruth who scored his first career victory in the Truck Series making him the third black guy to win a race in one of the top three NASCAR series, joining Wendell Scott and Bubba Wallace.

Chris Graythen. Getty Images.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, Caruth had to cancel, and I was left with a note page filled with questions I would never get to ask.

Amongst those notes, I was planning to chat with Caruth about the diverse list of athletes and celebrities who reached out to him on social media after his win.  That list included Kelly Rowland, a former member of the R&B group Destiny's Child alongside Michelle Williams and some broad named Beyoncé.

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Which led to the obvious question- Marry, Fuck, Kill… Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Beyoncé?

Since I didn't get the opportunity to ask that to a 21-year-old driver (and I would've never let him answer it), I posed it instead to the older and less-talented Quigs and Spider on this week's Rubbin' Is Racing where we also discuss Kyle Larson's dominant performance in Las Vegas, William Byron's battle versus a 55-gallon trashbag, and previewed this upcoming week's race in Phoenix.

Give it a listen, and for the record, I am banging Kelly, marrying Michelle, and killing Beyoncé… That woman has gotten a little too cocky for my tastes AND a little too big in the ashcan for my tastes.

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