Booger McFarland, Stavros Halkias, The 2023 Bonk List And Dan Quinn To The Commanders

Dan Quinn is the New Coach in Washington and PFT is convincing himself it’s a great hire (00:00:00-00:24:33). The 2023 Bonk List is ready to be revealed (00:24:33-00:47:10). Booger McFarland joins the show to talk Super Bowl, what it’s like playing in a Super Bowl and more (00:47:10-01:30:40). Stavros Halkias joins us after locking himself in his house for 4 days to tell us how he’s doing after the Ravens loss Sunday and it’s a must listen (01:30:40-01:54:03). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:54:03-02:14:40).