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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Joe Buck, Mark Sanchez, Super Bowl Story Lines And A Brand New Segment Pardon Your Take

It’s the Birthday show and the official hand off of Big Cat and PFT’s birthday and the present is no Ben Johnson in Washington. We clean up from Sunday and wonder if the Ravens loss was worse than the Lions Loss(00:00:00-00:25:20). We do Super Bowl story lines (00:25:20-00:39:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Panthers new HC and his weird book (00:25:20-00:55:15). Joe Buck joins the show to catch up on his season, favorite moments and how much he means to our show (00:55:15-01:34:11). Mark Sanchez joins the show to talk about the Super Bowl his career in the NFL, butt fumble, Rex Ryan and eating hot dogs (01:34:11-02:20:59). We finish with a new segment Pardon Your Take where we take listener theories and conspiracies (02:20:59-02:35:24).