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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Whitworth, NFL Week 11 Picks And Preview, Fyre Fest And The Bengals Might Be Dead

Joe Burrow is injured and what shouldve been the best TNF was a huge bummer. Ravens offense looked good and we had drone delays (00:00:00-00:08:57). Week 11 Picks and Preview for every game including memes trying to spinzone himself into a 3rd string running back, can the Rams win a game, Browns starting DTR and more (00:08:57-01:07:32). Fantasy fuccbois (01:07:32-01:18:18). Andrew Whitworth and Ryan Fitzpatrick join us in studio to talk about TNF, what they miss from the the league, quarterback and line play and tons more (01:18:18-02:05:02). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (02:05:02-02:12:23).