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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Ryan Whitney, NFL Trade Deadline, James Harden Traded Again, CFB Talk And More

Sports equinox and we start with the NFL trade deadline as well as some MNF wrap up as the Lions head into the bye (00:00:00-00:14:52). James Harden is traded again and is he the GOAT of trade requests (00:14:52-00:27:21)? Choose your own adventure World Series edition (00:27:21-00:30:44). CFB talk, who's in who's out and Conor Stalions continue to entertain the world (00:30:44-00:49:32). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including our upcoming baseball challenge that will 100 percent lead to injuries (00:49:32-01:07:22). Ryan Whitney joins the show for our NHL preview, Bedard, whats happening with his Oilers, Georgia Bulldogs and more (01:07:22-02:01:17). We finish with Jimbos (02:01:17-02:11:39).