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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Raiders QB Brian Hoyer, CFB, MNF Doubleheader, 1 Question With Sam Howell And Jimbo’s

Monday Night Football doubleheader and it’s gotten bad in Cleveland for Deshaun plus the horrible injury to Nick Chubb. Steelers offense stinks and the Panthers/Saints played a boring ass game (00:00:00-00:22:34). College Football talk and is Bama cooked (00:22:34-00:40:21)? Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the new Rays stadium and Lauren Boebert follow up (00:40:21-00:57:34). Brian Hoyer joins the show to talk about his career, what makes a great backup, his chances at starting, winning a SB, Ernie Adams, and tons more (00:57:34-01:42:44). 1 question with a QB Sam Howell (01:42:44-01:51:54) and then we finish with Jimbo’s (01:51:54-02:01:14).