NFL Preview With Pete Prisco, Jets RB Dalvin Cook, Pancakes Only Draft And The Return Of Jimbos

The Chiefs are trying to dupe us into not believing in them. We are pumped for football season and take a quick derailment to break down the diarrhea on the plane story after seeing the video. Hot Seat/Cool Throne in including Shohei Ohtani picture day, Duke quarterback, Dabo being cooked and more. Pete Prisco joins the show to breakdown the upcoming NFL season why he's so high on the Jaguars, best offensive lines, can Russell Wilson redeem himself and what quarterback is going to break through. Jets running back Dalvin Cook joins the show to talk about his decision to sign with the Jets, playing with Jameis, ghosts and more. We bring back Jimbos and bonus at the end of the show our Offensive Line Pancakes only fantasy draft