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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Jimmy Tatro, Daniel Ricciardo, Celtics Get Off The Mat And Hank Is Delirious, Lakers Get Swept And FAQ's

The Celtics have won a game and Hank has not slept in 2 days and is delirious and half drunk. We talk about who has the must wins now and more (00:00:00-00:16:21). Lakers get swept and Lebron threatens to retire. Jokic is the best player in the world and the Nuggets rule (00:16:21-00:36:13). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (00:36:13-00:58:35). Jimmy Tatro joins the show to talk about The Machine, his career taking off, Simi Valley, The Lakers and more (00:58:35-01:32:09). Daniel Ricciardo joins the show to talk about his F1 season, love for Josh Allen and party shirts (01:32:09-01:52:06). We finish with listener FAQ's (01:52:06-02:10:35).