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Brooks Koepka Wins The PGA And Calls In, Anders Holm In Studio, Celtics Are Dead And The Nuggets Go Up 3-0

Brooks Koepka wins the PGA Championship but first the coin has decided to start with the Celtics being dead. Hank is struggling with his new reality as the Heat whomp Boston to go up 3-0. Brooks Koepka wins the PGA Championship and we talk about the tourney, Michael Block, and Brooks being all the way back. The Nuggets beat the Lakers and the refs on Saturday and it may be over for Lebron. Who's back of the week including cold brew coffee coming for Stella Blue. Brooks Koepka calls in drunk while pounding beers out of the trophy and talks to us about how back he is. Anders Holm joins us in studio for a great interview about comedy, his new movie About My Father out this weekend, workaholics and his favorite bars in Madison. We finish with the lottery ball machine 

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