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Spittin' Chiclets Says The Leafs Are Dunzo & Changes Are Coming

The boys recorded this ep down in Atlanta on Monday night. In case you missed it, the crew was down South for an extra-special interview with another Hall of Famer...

Charles Barkley was a tremendous, hilarious, and insightful interview that you don't want to miss when we drop it next week. 

Naturally, Biz's Leafs being at the precipice of yet another post-season disappointment was a huge topic.

And Biz acknowledges, barring a miracle, that changes are coming.

Meanwhile, Leafs fans are trying every trick in the book to prolong the season.

We also discussed Chief's wet dream becoming a reality in Chicago…

And whether the draft lottery is fishy or not…

We also wondered who will be the next bench boss for the Rags.


And we had yet another Chiclets mush that took less than a day to come to fruition…

We also broke down Edmonton/Vegas, Seattle/Dallas, and a handful of other shit. If you want aural and visual stimulation, here ya go:

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Enjoy the show, the playoffs, and GLTA.