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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Christian Horner, Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez + Randy Moss Talking Kentucky Derby And Sixers/Celtics Is All Tied Up

The Warriors are officially back and we're live from Miami for F1 weekend (00:00:00-00:16:35). We talk Celtics/Sixers and does Max hate dogs because it seems like he does (00:16:35-00:31:37). Coach Bud fired and Dillon Brooks fall out (00:31:37-00:41:38). Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner joins us in person to talk about the season thus far, his lucky toilet and drive to survive (00:41:38-01:06:31). Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez join the show and we help build trust between the two drivers, talk about Max buying a Tiger and more (01:06:31-01:31:47). Randy Moss joins the show to break down Kentucky Derby weekend with picks and storylines (01:31:47-01:58:03). We finish with Fyre Fest and lottery ball machine (01:58:03-02:15:22).