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FULL VIDEO EPISODE: NHL Playoffs With Keith Yandle, Lakers/Warriors G1 Delivers, Sixers Up 1-0 And Hank Is Down Bad + Guys On Chicks

Game 1 of Warriors/Lakers was incredible and we talk Knicks and Scott Foster (00:00:00-00:26:25). Max vs Hank round 1 goes to Max as James Harden and the Sixers win in the Garden and both guys have some thoughts (00:26:25-00:48:12). Jokic is the best and Chris Paul is hurt again (00:48:12-00:52:34). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Dillon Brooks and shorts (00:52:34-01:09:16). Keith Yandle joins the show to talk about his career in the NHL, being the iron man, the creation of the word Sonk, and playoff hockey (01:09:16-02:04:35). We finish with Guys on Chicks and the lottery ball (02:04:35-02:22:44).