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Wearing Your Hockey Gear For 25 Hours After Winning The Stanley Cup Is An All-Time Move

On the last Spittin' Chiclets, retired NHLer Shjon Podein stopped by for a often hilarious conversation about his career. And perhaps the most outrageous thing he did was this...

Podes also talked about how much he loved playing in Philly and how much it hurt to leave.

The boys weren't down with another potential NHL team in Atlanta.

While Whit went in on Biz for picking the Bruins to not make the playoffs.

Our Big Deal Brew keeps coming to more states…

If you missed the latest Sandbagger, watch it right here. It's likely the funniest one yet so far.

We'll be broadcasting the FDNY/NYPD hockey game on April 15. You can buy merch here to support the Hockey Heroes fund.

And if you want to watch the latest ep, here ya go.