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Joe The "General Manager" From Ft. Lauderdale Joined Chiclets To Pitch Himself To The Guys

When the Spittin' Chiclets crew showed up for a meet & greet in Fort Lauderdale for NHL All-Star Weekend last month, the guys didn't know they'd find themselves in a "Catch Me If You Can" situation.

And Joe played the role perfectly...until his generosity with other people's merch blew up his spot. So we decided to have him on the show to hear his version of events as well as give him our version of a job interview.

No idea what's gonna happen in the future. But this was definitely a first for Chiclets.

We also had Washington Capital Dylan Strome on the show and we asked him about the big name on the move this week.

The boys discussed just how much of an impact Kane will have with the Rangers.

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And naturally, Biz had to ask about Ovie's sauce-crossing.

We also break down all of the trades that went down before Tuesday and go over everything else. 

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