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Back In The Day, NHL Studs Had Their Own Room To Rip Lung Darts

On this week's Spittin' Chiclets, legendary coach Ken Hitchcock joined the show for an informatvie and entertaining chat. The 1999 Stanley Cup winner has the fourth-most wins by a coach in league history so there were plenty of things to talk about. Like how HHOF defenseman Sergei Zubov had his own room to smoke butts.

Hitch also talked about the goalie match-up in '99 and why he was more than happy to have Ed Belfour in his crease.

Also, Biz is already out on his Calgary bandwagon fandom.

And Whit's not exactly feeling it for the team that brought him into the league.

The Bo Horvat trade happened mid-recording, which is always a big hit with the boys.

We also announced the next two states to get Big Deal Brewing Golden Ale.

And we had a special launch here in Ft. Lauderdale for the All-Star festivities.

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You can watch this episode of the pod on your YouTube page right here.