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Steve Cohen vs. Scott Boras Is The Super Rivalry Baseball Needs

I should start by immediately disclosing this is a Harmless Rivalry. I make that distinction to prevent blood pressure spiking for some of you assholes. I don't actually think there's a budding rivalry between two of MLB's most powerful guys. They're too competent and professional and successful to get bogged down in personal conflict. Right? 

Go through some of these quotes and sort it out yourself: 

Steve got marginally called out by owners and responded in kind with almost half-a-billion dollars in gross payroll. I don't think that was his primary motivator to unload this offseason. But certainly worthy to acknowledge that Steve won't shy away from sticking it to people. Say enough mean things about his Mets, particularly with respect to their willingness to spend money and take risk, and you're bound to end up on some kind of list. 

Personally I'd just go one step further and say Steve Cohen might not have as much money as everyone thinks. JUST KIDDING STEVE. So many people got very mad reading that sentence and it's entirely for the purpose of inflaming you. 

That reaction alone is exactly why I'm confused Scott Boras would make such a strong play against Steve. I thought they were boys on the beach sipping Mai Thai's with umbrellas, chilling in extra baggy Hawaiian shirts and those aqua socks/shoes that protect your feet from shells and rocks. Even though they're vacationing together on pristine beaches with no threat of discomfort. But even so you don't get to be that successful taking unnecessary chances - and maybe that's what Steve wants to stress back to Scott. 

Just because you say Carlos is healthy and there's no rocks in the water, Steve Cohen is still lacing up the aqua socks. 

Or maybe he slips them on. Either way he's not paying all that money for Carlos Correa with the bad medicals, and now Scotts in the media trading blows. Interesting knowing just how much money the Mets will have to spend on starting pitching in two years. And interesting because they're absolute titans in the game who will likely transact billions of dollars together before this is all said and done. Based on that alone, you can comfortably assume some shit will actually go down at some point. So let's get the meter out and start keeping track: 

I feel like it should be the other way around where green should recognize a less mild confrontation. So apologies to anyone very confused with this meter. Decades of cheering on the sound meter graphic at the United Center has drastically compromised my ability to conceptualize other types of meters. 

In any event, I spend a lot of time this week on Steve vs. Scott and if this is actually worth a shit. Listen here and tell me if there's a more promising rivalry I should be paying attention to.