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Dylan Guenther "Completely Forgot" The Game Was In OT When He Scored His Golden Goal

We have a pair of guests on this week's Spittin' Chiclets and both guys were on fire heading into their respective interviews: Bruins coach Jim Montgomery and Team Canada's WJC golden goal-scorer Dylan Guenther. We were lucky to snag Guenther for a chat during his busy days going from Halifax to Arizona so that he could re-join the Coyotes and he offered some insight on his somewhat chill celebration of a huge goal.

Meanwhile, Monty spoke about the impact Patrice Bergeron has on the team and what kind of person he is.

And he gave us the scoop on what Rudy was like at the University of Denver.

Plus, Whit decided to roll the dice.

While also declaring the MVP race over…

Enjoy this week's ep. Check out the video version here as well.