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Peter Forsberg Had Never Pulled Off His Signature Move Until He Nailed It In A Shootout To Win Olympic Gold

This week on Spittin' Chiclets was another 'pinch yourself' moment for the crew. As a guy who watched Peter Forsberg do what the late Börje Salming did for a previous generation (eradicating ANY notion that Swedish hockey players aren't tough) and dominating opponents with a fiercely productive two-way game that earned him an MVP and two Cups, I almost shit when G sent us the text that Foppa would be joining us for an interview. 

Having a chance to chat with this legendary HHOFer was a legit thrill and another career hightlight. Naturally, I had to ask about him putting "The Forsberg" on the map and a stamp. (I want to acknowledge Kent Nilsson here, who is credited with invented the move.)

DON EMMERT. Getty Images.


An utterly iconic moment in Olympic, hockey, Swedish, and Big Huge Balls history. 

There are so many things to talk about when a guy has a career like his. Patrick Roy, for example.

Those facial reactions are great and say so much about Roy.

Biz and Whit ate some crow over the 'Rangers are fugazi' takes. For now.

And Whit chimed in on Torts benching Hayesy.

We also dropped the 15th Sandbagger last night so tune in to see if Whit & Biz beat Justin Williams and Erik Cole.

To our fans, have a Merry Christmas this year. We love you and thank you for everything. I also want to include this clip of Whit for anybody who might be struggling. Take care, gang.