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Canadian Hockey Parents Have Nothing On Russian Hockey Parents

On this week's Spittin' Chiclets, we had our first-ever interview with a Russian player as Calgary defenseman Nikita Zadorov joined the show and he was absolutely hilarious. He talked about coming to North America as a teen, his time in Denver, and the Wild West aspects of hockey parents in Russia.

The guys also broke down that ridiculous fight at the Mullett between Bruins fans and Coyotes fans that cost somebody a fingertip.

Meanwhile, Biz vs. Reavo at a future Rough n Rowdy is looking more and more like it's going to happen.

Whit shared a controversial opinion about Buffalo sniper Tage Thompson.

And finally, Biz brought his new friend onto the show.

We also dropped our latest behind-the-scenes vlog from the Philly-Motown-Columbus-Newark roadie so give it a whirl.