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Pat Maroon Was Baffled Then Pissed Off After Hearing The "Pretty Fucked Up" Shots From Jack Edwards

A couple of old friends joined us on this week's Spittin' Chiclets, Tampa Bay's Pat Maroon and Coyotes legend Shane Doan.

Maroon came on to discuss the out-of-nowhere shit-talking from Jack Edwards during the Lightning/Bruins broadcast last week. He was understandably baffled as to why a play-by-play announcer that he never met would take shots at his weight while calling the game.

On-ice chirping from your peers is part of the game that Patty never shies away from. And there are actual repercussions for being flippant to the wrong guy or saying the wrong thing---the chirping polices itself. 

But this wasn't that. It was just a weird and disrespectful thing (ask yourself when is the last time you heard a PxP guy do this unprovoked to a player). And comparisons to Phil Kessel don't apply because the hot dog story was completely made up so it's likely pretty easy for Kessel to play along knowing it just further illustrates that the writer was full of shit. 

In other news, we have a future sandbagger to look forward to with some nice side action.

Of the many guests we've had over the years, they don't come any nicer than Shane Doan. He joined us to talk Team Canada, Arizona hockey, and…Biz.

In case you missed it, the Chiclets boys made their return to The Dozen for perhaps our most chaotic episode ever. Thanks to Jeff D. Lowe for his incredible patience in dealing with us three idiots.

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