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Still pumping out the full show tomorrow morning to get into all the deals breaking across the league right now. And holy hell are there a lot of deals right now. The Phillies are doing crazy things. The Padres have unlimited money. Relievers are shattering historic numbers while fringe reliable starting pitchers get 8-figures on short terms. I can keep going for a thousand words here and still not make a dent. We cover it tomorrow morning. 

FOR NOW - we got a tight 25 minute full reaction to what this means for the Yankees and the AL East. How wrong I was at the start of the winter and how the Rays might be their best competition now. The Orioles are still trying to improve and the Red Sox are unloading on the bullpen. So many things working against the Yankees that could have drastically fucked them over the next 2-3 years if Aaron Judge ends up in San Francisco. Not to be too dramatic but I kinda have to be utterly dramatic here because it's true. 

Brian Cashman gets it done. There's huge implications on the rest of the roster from the bullpen to the backend rotation and the utility infielders. We cover the whole saga on today's emergency episode. One of my favorites we've ever published. Check it our HERE