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What's The Hardest Sport To Bet?

- The answer is baseball. Any other argument is very stupid. Don't make it. You'll be just as stupid. 

-Today is Tuesday November 17th, 2022. Hope you're feeling good and ready to finish the week strong. Or maybe just limp to the finish. Honestly whatever works. It's that time of the year and we got a great show on deck if you need a taste. Some huge stuff going on around the league and the life. 

- Rizzo bet on himself and he won. 3 years and $57M when the Cubs offered him 4-$60M and 5-$70M. Guy said Go Fuck Yourself and then he was right. That feels good if you're a Players First guy. 

- Yasiel Puig is in some hot water. 899 bets in less than 3 months is the complete opposite of responsible. But is that more demanding than playing fantasy baseball? Probably not. Fantasy baseball is it's own beast. 

- Lot's of reflections this week. Do we even like podcasting together? Is anyone even listening or reading this sentence? 

- I teach Jake how to bet on baseball. What a great dichotomy. That big bastard has some of the craziest accomplishments to his name. Blah blah fuckin blah. I'm not retreading that stuff again. You get it. And then on my end, I'm just a scumbag D word, 10 letters, and I don't run from it. Experts call this an elite dynamic. 

- What's it like being rich? I have no fuckin clue personally, but I do believe our show has the highest average net worth on the network. Those PMT ad reads are firing. 

- Big Cat got a key to Toldeo. Congratulations Big Cat. 

- Some inside Barstool stuff if you're into that. I'm not typing it out. 

- Tyler Anderson got a nice fuckin deal. That's a solid solid deal for the guy. Now the Angels have 3 lefties in a rotation that competes in a division dominated by a team with no LHP. Makes you fuckin think. 

- Bunch of promos and shit. Shady Rays is doing 2+ glasses for 50% off. Every Plate has a deal for $1.49 meals. Gametime is slinging those discounts. It's that time of the year fellas. Treat yourself or a loved one. 

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