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Andre Roy Becomes An Instant Spittin' Chiclets Legend With An Epic And Hilarious Interview

I don't know how many interviews we've conducted on Spittin' Chiclets but it's definitely a shitload. The two most frequent questions I get asked are "what's your favorite interview?" and "what's the funniest interview?". I honestly don't have one favorite and Tim Stapleton was the funniest (thus putting him in the running for favorite). 

Three years after his appearance, Stapleton has company on both thanks to this week's appearance by Andre Roy. Simply, it's a Top 2 funniest interview we've done. The tough guy who carved out an 11-season, 500+ game career and won a Stanley Cup also doubles as a marvelous raconteur.

I can't imagine being a fly on the wall when this nut played for Torts. 

Honestly, I don't want to spoil much more of him here. If you're going to listen to one interview on Spittin' Chiclets, give this one a whirl.

We were all pretty baffled about this FTX shit so we had Trung Phan come on and break it down for us dummies.

As Biz continues to eat crow on the Devils.

Plus we talk Jets, offside reviews, Eichel's monster night, no World Cup, and a bunch more. But listen to Roy.