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The REAL Story Of "Tommy" From Goodfellas + Theory On How He Was Likely Killed By A Very Well Known Mobster

Back for another episode of The Sitdown: A Crime History Podcast 

-This week I begin the show with a listener Q/A and get to the bottom of some of your crime questions. 

-Around the 30 min mark of the show, I delved into the true life of Lucchese mob associate Tommy Desimone aka Tommy DeVito portrayed by Joe Pesci in the film Goodfellas, Tommy was born with Mafia blood as his grandfather and uncle were very powerful gangsters. As as a young kid, he befriended Jimmy Burke and Paul Vario. He would commit many murders, made plenty of money and also made a lot of enemies. In the end, by the age of 29, he was manipulated and faced a grisly end and his killer was likely very well known.

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