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The Phillies Are Finally Using Their Ultimate Secret Weapon

Everything you need to know going into tonight's game is in that short show. But we're here so let's put some words on paper too. Obviously massive game and obviously this Series has far exceeded expectations. 

Last night - the 2nd no hitter in WS history. Is Kyle Schwarber nervous? 

No. Game 3 it was a barrage of bombs. Drama in Houston galore and now we're all set 2-2 going into the Powder Blues for Game 5.

To say I'm jealous of Phillis fans is an understatement. Those are so fresh and so clean. The Bank will undoubtedly be rocking just a little bit harder on the backs of the baby blues. Like Team USA taking the ice in the 3rd period in the Mighty Ducks unis. 

Major chills. Julie the Cat Gaffney changed my body chemistry but that's a different blog. For now, some notes and observations: 

- Personal stuff first. Philly for games 3&4 was fucking incredible. We only had two days in town and I don't think it could have been a better trip. The tailgate scene at the Bank was premium. The camaraderie and brotherhood amongst Philly fans everyhwere was significant. 

- Man on the street: 

- Seats were incredible. Sat next to Kevin Negandhi game 3 and another gentleman who bought 3 seats. One for him and two for deceased relatives. Said they were there with him in spirit and he fuckin meant it. Nice seeing Jeff Passan too. Classic smorgasbord inside the stadium.

- Some nice golf in Philly. A couple of solid post game podcasts and recaps. We have another video coming out tomorrow traversing the Philly bar scene looking to come back from 5-0. It obviously didn't work but we did post up at the Barstool Bar and this is a genuine sincere plug that the place is fucking awesome. 

- Philly deserves more credit as a city but not right now. Right now I just want to say Cristian Javier is a force of nature and I still don't understand it. I mean I get it. But I don't get it. That's my biggest takeaway after 4 years. I am utterly fascinated with this dude's success. 

- Does anyone want to talk shit to me for saying Lance McCullers should have been scratched game 3? 

- I need a 1-run baseball game tonight. Syndergaaaaard vs Verlander. I'm putting Noah's slider usage total at 51.5% and then I'm pounding the over. The first two innings are the most important of the game. Once thru that, Rob will instantly start matching up his relievers and he won't be holding back with a Friday off day looming. Win the first two innings and they will be in it until the 9th. 


- The Astros are earning every ounce of respect. Like this could be a cupcake 3-1 series right now. But it's not because of game 1 and instead it feels much different. As if the Phillies destiny is about to be reignited tonight? 

Can't wait to find out. More coming from Starting 9 throughout the remainder of the series. Follow here so I can pay for the hotel rooms: