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There's A 100% Probability The World Series Goes All 7 Games

Long day of travel but we've finally arrived in Philadelphia for game 3 of the World Series. I'm heading to the Bank as soon as I hit publish to be the parking lot and interview the locals. Rumor mill is saying I'll have tickets to the game but they still haven't hit the inbox. At what point do I start getting nervous? Answer: 6 hours ago. Fingers crossed tonight's content happens inside the stadium. 

Same time I'm flexible. Like today's preview show for example. That's a full hour of Carl Unplugged on Halloween night. I wanted to be like Vin Scully but very quickly I realized it was more in line with Colin Cowherd. What can I say. We're all a work in a progress. 

Regardless, I stand by my work. Proudly, with ACA-approved amounts of posture and my head held high. Realistically I probably have 12-15 hours of that in me each week but that's a different blog. 

For now, just a couple of things going into Game 3: 

1. I still don't understand the line. Noah Syndergaard settled at +115 before the rainout. Ranger Suarez is now on the bump and it's moved to +108. I thought Syndergaard would've been closer to +140 and that Suarez would be closer to -110 under these circumstances. I won't belabor the point. Just thought there would be a much bigger spread between the two starting pitchers but I'm wrong. 

2. Rob Thomson will be going to the bullpen early. That's my big interpretation of the above. And I mean EARLY if he has to. The Astros have been taking early leads all postseason. The Phillies just can't fall behind again. 

3. Lance McCullers is uniquely filthy. I spent a lot of time above talking about him but the big takeaway is that he's a born dude. Like he was destined to be on the mound tonight since inception. It's in his pathology as an undersized Florida prep star that's essentially never struggled without injury. He throws his offspeed about 75% of the time and should be locked in tonight. 

Even so I kinda like the Phillies but here's my #1 play: 

+1100 is so juicy for some sensible player props. Get a taste on the exclusives page. My computers are calling it extra sharp. 

- See you guys at the stadium and after the game. We'll have a recap podcast up on the Starting 9 feed ASAP and content throughout the night. Follow along here.


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