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Grinnelli Called An Audible And Went With A WWF Move On Chiclets

Just an unprecedented move from Grinnelli on this week's Spittin' Chiclets. Here he is headed to our Zoom.

Giphy Images.

Me, Biz, and Whit were just doing our normal thing, recording the show. We had no clue that Reavo was jumping on until his name popped up on the Zoom. Next thing we know, Biz and Reavo are cyber-beefing about their past beefs and it's chaos. Just a stunning move from Grinnelli that brought the house down. Reavo and Biz could be the next Ali/Frazier. (Shoutout to Ryan for jumping on with us and having some fun.) 

Oh and we also interviewed Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Marian Hossa about his stellar career and his new book hitting shelves. It was an honor to chat with such an esteemed player so check out the interview.

Give it a whirl.