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Seriously Though - How Is Brian Cashman Still In Charge Of The Yankees?

I'm not a Yankees fan by any stretch but even I'm aware enough to know the Yankees have been solving the same problems for what seems like a decade now. 

They're always so top heavy. So many big names that are marginally outside their prime. Loads of young talent that lacks in cornerstone development. Injuries across the pitching staff and yet another heartbreaking October exit. It's becoming part of the Lunar cycle at this point. Every 12th moon or whatever - the Yankees will look woefully incompetent. 

But somehow Cashman seems untouchable. 

Everyone's supposed to do their job except that guy? I don't get it. 

Josh Donaldson's owed $21,000,000 next year. 

The top-3 returners around him: Gerrit Cole, Giancarlo and DJ LeMahieu. Those are good ballplayers but it falls off a cliff if/when Rizzo opts out. 

So that would mean his priorities are: 

1. Extend Judge

2. Sign one of the 4 major shortstops: Correa, Turner, Bogaerts, Swanson

3. Sign at least one notable starting pitcher

4. Sign a 1B if Rizzo opts out

5. Sign a catcher like Willson Contreras

6. Sign 3 notable relievers 

7. Identify then trade/sign for quality reserves at 3rd, 1st and corner OF

That's a lot of important shit and I'm surprised Brian Cashman is again tasked with cleaning it up. 

Loyalty's good until it's not. Running the Yankees shouldn't be a career-job like the clergy or congress. Without consequence, Cashman gets to hide under the vague, warm blanket of protecting the Yankee's Long Term Health and that's where it all falls apart. 

What happened to New York being cut-throat? This guy's living the dream in Yankees' fans faces and I just don't get it. 

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