Biz Thinks P.K. Subban Gets In The Hall Of Fame And Grinnelli Thinks He Makes More Money Working On TV Than Hockey

On this week's Spittin' Chiclets, the boys discussed the Hockey Hall of Fame qualifications of the All-Star defensemen that recently retired from the NHL. While Zdeno Chara getting inducted is a slam dunk...

...the crew was hardly unanimous when it came to P.K. Subban. To wit, Biz thinks that it's an easy call for voters.

I think we might have to revisit the topic next ep. But Biz didn't have the only controversial P.K. take on the show. Grinnelli thinks that the former D-man will pocket more money working on TV than that $78M he made playing in the NHL for 13 years.

It's a veritable take-quake on Chiclets this week. Fortunately, we had just the guy to chill everyone out.

And fellow young American star Brady Tkachuk also joined us this week. Unfortunately, he had a tough summer on the links though I'm sure he'll have no such issues on the ice for Ottawa this season.

And if you're not following the Euro-hockey picks from our guy Murls...

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