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Bernie Nicholls Gave Us Wayne Gretzky's LA Diet Secret

On this week's Spittin' Chiclets, 1980's LA Kings legend Bernie Nicholls joined us for a nice chat about his stellar career. The crafty pivot put up 475-734--1209 in 1127 regular season games and 42-72--114 in 118 playoff games. He's also one of eight guys to score 70 goals in a season and one of just five to put up 150 points in a season. He also played with a plethora of stars in his 18 NHL seasons and none was bigger than #99. Bernie shared some of Wayne's dietary tips with us.

He also wasn't afraid to bust out the fur...for his junior games.

And he has some crazy locker room tales from sharing a room with Tiger Williams.

Of course, there was nothing quite like playing at the Forum during the Forum Club days.

Be sure to check out the rest of Bernie Nicholls and don't forget that the boys are all back next week.

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