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FYI: Jalen Hurts Is The First QB In NFL HISTORY To Throw For Over 4K And Rush For Over 1K Yards In Their First 20 Starts

Lamar Jackson. Michael Vick. Shane Falco. Not them or ANYONE has ever achieved what Jalen Hurts has done in 20 starts. In fact, add on 300 passing with 100 rushing in one less start and we've got ourselves a pretty damn amazing stat. Can Hurts throw it 40+ yards down the field without every local duck hunter instinctively going for their rifles? That remains to be seen. But the kid is an athlete at this high level, that's for darn sure. 

We naturally discussed Jalen Hurts on the on on the RETURN of First Time, Long Time (back to unsanctioned non-Barstool episodes recorded every Wednesday and directly after Eagles games on Twitter spaces) as well as other Birds stuff, Phillies playoff rush, and James Harden vino. Seriously. Hop in. We'll hang up and listen.