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From Hell's Kitchen To The Hockey Hall Of Fame, Joey Mullen Set The Standard For American Players

It was a real honor for the guys to interview this week's Spittin' Chiclets guest, Joey Mullen. Growing up in the shadow of MSG during a crazy time in NYC history, Mullen got his start in hockey playing on rollerskates in the infamous Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. And thanks to the youth league that Rangers legend Emile Francis started, Mullen and his brothers were able to channel their city kid energy into something positive. 

Milt Schmidt had a similar program in Boston that eventually produced pro players from city neighborhoods and Sid Crosby's program in Pittsburgh put Logan Cooley on the path that would see him taken #3 overall in the last NHL draft.

Speaking of kids with energy to burn, Mullen also had the 'pleasure' of coaching Biz way back in the day.

He also opened up about his decision to sign with St. Louis rather join Team USA.

We also discussed his time in Calgary, playing with a stacked team in Pittsburgh, his Stanley Cup victories in each city, and a whole bunch more. Enjoy.

And don't forget that Part II of #BizDoesTheCoast dropped on Wednesday night so be sure to check out Derek Nesbitt's 1000th game celebration. 

The Chiclets boys will be back in full on 9/20 so enjoy the last of our summer interviews on Tuesday.